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AAA math practice




Calgary School Rankings Elementary School High School

Rotation A


Week 1 The Body

external image describing%20people2.jpg
November 26 - December 2
Parts of the Face Parts of the Body
Describing People
1 Reading 1 Reading 2 Listening 1Listening 2Listening 3
Adding 1 (Video) Adding 2 (video) Adding 3 Video
Practice 1
Subtraction (video)
Multiplication 1 (video)Multiplication 2 (video)
Division 1 (video)
Division 2 (video)

Practice using a Ruler Measure it!

Week 2 and Week 3

December 3 - 16

I Feel Sick!!!

external image flu.jpg
Various Activities Related to Health
Illnesses and Medical Advice (listening)
Health Problems (video)
Medical Words (look and listen)
Health Problems (look and listen)

Reading: Health and Illness

A Long LifePreparing for a Doctor's Appointment
Going to the PharmacyA Headache
Sarah's Upset StomachTired All the Time

Listening: Health and Illness

Prescription Labels
Prescription Labels Quiz 1Prescription Labels Quiz 2
Over the Counter Medicine LabelsOTC Labels Quiz 1OTC Labels Quiz 2
Warning Labels Warning Labels Quiz 1
Side Effects Side Effects Quiz 1 Side Effects Quiz 2

Eli Goes to the Doctor

Exercise 1 Exercise 2 Exercise 3 Exercise 4
Exercise 5 Exercise 6 Exercise 7 Exercise 8 Exercise 9

Exercise 10 (crossword puzzle)
A Long Life

Week 4

December 17 - 23


external image ecdlogo.jpg
We watched these videos in class:

Video 1
VIdeo 2
Mr. Bean Rides Again part 1
Listening and Reading:

Calling 911: Various Activities one
Calling 911: Various Activities two
QUIZ: Should you call 911?

Mail your Christmas card to your classmate

Where are the mailboxes in your neighbourhood? Mailboxes in Calgary

Week 5 and 6: January 7 - 20

Welcome Back and Happy New Year!

Nutritionexternal image canada_food_guide_2.jpg

Words in the Canada Food Guide
1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Understanding the Canada Food Guide
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Men Don't Eat Enough Fruit and Vegetables

Week 7:

January 20-26

Household and Work Hazards

external image hhw.bmp

external image tumblr_lnmg64kICl1qg31ik.jpg

Week 9 February 4 - 10

Important phone numbers 911, 311, 211, and 403-943-LINK

external image HealthLink.jpgexternal image 02_22_cal_311_metro.jpg?w=618&h=408&crop=1

311 Video 211 Video
Important Phone Numbers in Calgary:

  • 911 EMERGENCY!
  • 411 You need to find a phone number or address
  • 311 You need information from the City of Calgary
  • 211 You need information about counselling and social services
  • 403-943-LINK You need information about health (non-emergency)
  • 403-266-1234

Week 10 and 11 February 11 - 24

external image big_islcollective_worksheets_beginner_prea1_elementary_a1_preintermediate_a2_adult_kindergarten_elementary_school_high_schoo_326224ea6cd5b4e80b9_26402799.jpg


1. House Vocabulary (outside) 2. House Vocabulary (inside)

3. Types of Housing

Reading: Jerry Needs Help

Google Maps
Google Maps

Find a home for rent

Neighbourhood surrounding Mayland Heights

A Letter to the Landlord

Week 12 February 25 - March 3
Places in Your Community

external image neighborhood.jpg
What do you have in your community?

Getting around

Week 13 Volunteering March 4 - 10

Mina Wants to Volunteer Volunteer Application Form

Find a Volunteer Position in Calgary

Find Your Community Association

Week 14 March 11 - 17


external image CT-Line-Map-Dec-10-2012.jpgexternal image sb_bus_stop.jpg
external image gloc852.jpgexternal image Mayfair1.jpg

Transportation Practice

Rotation B

Week 1 and 2 ---------In Your Neighbourhood-----------------------------

April 2 - 14

external image calgary-1885-3590.jpg
Population 500
external image victoriaparkcalgarystampede.jpeg
external image pe-14-1b.jpg
external image 2-08.jpg
external image 51416209.jpg
2013 Population 1,096,833
2013 Population 1,096,833

external image 10129706-3d-shopping-cart-full-of-gifts.jpg

Calgary now

Calgary in 1962

Week 3 and 4-------------Shopping---------------------------------------

April 15 - 28

Joanna's Shopping Trip Video 1: Let's Go Shopping Video 2: Let's Go Shopping

Mr. Bean Goes Shopping


What are the prices?
How much is that shirt?
Pants that fit
Missing Child
Returning items
How to save money on clothes part 1 How to save money on clothes part 2
external image Value_Village_store.jpg
external image coins.jpg

Value Village: Google Maps

Percentages: What do Canadians spend money on?

Elephant video


New shoes

external image Bargains.jpg

Week 5 and 6 -------------------Bargain Hunting----------------

April 30 - May 13

external image haggle.137185450_std.gifexternal image free.jpg

external image 608f839494eb444b1edea60b137ae41e_2.jpg?itok=RFhsXw5y
The Best Bargain
Bargaining: VIDEO

external image Garage-Sale.gif

Crossroads Market: Video 1
Crossroads Market: Video 2
Crossroads Market

Garage Sales in Calgary

external image twittericon.jpg

Pick your own fruit and vegetables
Video: Pick Your Own Strawberries

Action Words: Past tense
Regular Irregular

external image picking%20strawberries.jpg
external image u-pick-strawberries.jpg

external image wordfamilies-1q9r3ju.jpgWord Families

Week 7 ---------House Repairs
May 13 - 20external image landscaper-299x300.jpg

Better Business Bureau

House Repairs Mr. Bean: House Repairs
external image roofer411-1.jpg

=external image Plumber-JTL.jpg
external image 4579929327.jpg


National Denim Day: Let's Find a Cure for Breast Cancer

Week 8


Week 9 and 10------Banking-------

May 27 - June 9


ATM 1 ATM 2 (PIN 1234)
How to Write a Cheque
Math Cats
Name that Number!

Number Match Game

Peter Pig's Money Counter

external image td-atm-vandalized.jpg


How to Write a Cheque Let's Go to the Bank!

external image credit-history.png
external image revolving-debt.gif

external image payday_loan.jpg?w=660&h=330&crop=1

Week 11 and 12 ----------- Credit---------


Advice for Newcomers to Canada
Beware Payday Loans
How to avoid debt
The Bottom Line

Credit Card Activity external image r-CANADA-BANKS-PROFIT-large570.jpgexternal image credit-cards-for-people-with-bankruptcy.jpg
Payday Loans

What is the best credit card for you?

Week 13 and 14 -----Budgeting-----

Video: Love and Money

Rotation C

Week 1 and 2 - Educationexternal image 10521_columbia_college_255255255.png

August 6 - 14

external image education-front.jpg

external image india_girls.jpgexternal image education.bmpexternal image Seminarclass-Cropped-264x177.jpg

external image education-future.jpgexternal image mount_royal_logo.gifexternal image print_logo.jpgexternal image uofc-logo.jpgexternal image Logo-Chinook-Learning-Services.jpgexternal image ACAD-logo-300x102.jpg

external image sait_logo.gifexternal image 67305.gif

Practice: How can I register my child for school?

Practice: The first day at school

Practice: Taking messages

external image education_19_lrg.jpgexternal image CBE_Header.jpg

Where are the schools in Calgary?

external image 1297341826272_ORIGINAL.jpg?quality=80&size=650x

Calgary Schools Map

How can I find information about my child's school?

Calgary school websites

What is my child learning at school?

Alberta school curriculum

What are parent-teacher interviews?

Video: Parent-teacher interviews (elementary)

Video: Parent-teacher interviews (high school)

Practice 1: Parent-teacher interviews

Practice 2: Parent-teacher interviews

How does my child feel about school in Canada?

external image Montagnier1.JPG

Video: New Moves

How do schools in Calgary rate? Calgary School Ratings Find schools by postal code

Week 3 and 4--------- Canadian Culture

August 15 - 30

external image VRBO_Map_Canada.gif

VIDEO: Heart of the New West

What do you know about Canada?

National Geographic: Canada

Take a class to study for the citizenship test

Becoming a Canadian Citizen

National Anthem: O Canada

external image discover-citizen-guide-1.jpg

The study guide for the citizenship test is called "Discover Canada". You can listen to the book here: listen and read it here: read .

external image canadian-citizens.jpg

You can also practice for the test online here: online practice

Practice: Canada map and capital cities

Really BIG numbers


Practice: Big Numbers 1Video

August 28, 2013: 50 Years Later

external image martin-luther-king-jr-famous-quotes.jpg

On August 28, 1963 hundreds of thousands of people went to Washington, DC to fight for freedom and equality for African Americans. Martin Luther King was their leader. Learn about the civil rights movement in The United States here: I Have a Dream

external image 50389728.jpgexternal image SEGREGATE-JimCrowLaws.jpg

external image 2013-07-01-racial-segregation-is-still-a-problem.jpg

external image segregation-drinking-fountain.jpgexternal image c98daa9ce971398c9f531fab3173bd01.jpgexternal image jim%2Bcrow%2Bamerica3.jpg

external image the-march-20on-washington.jpg

Week 5 and 6------------ Canada: Rights and Responsibilities---------------------------------------

external image vote_canada_wwkwp_18163.jpg

If you are a Canadian citizen, then you have a right to vote for how Canada should be.

How to vote: video

Why should you vote?

Rights and Responsibilities

Canadian citizens have rights and responsibilities.

A right is something that you are given, and never questioned. A right is like a gift that belongs to you - it cannot be taken from you. A responsibility is something that you must do - actions that make you a good Canadian.

external image impacttheme.jpg?w=595external image Flag_Canada2.png

Read and practice: Rights in Alberta

Discover Canada: Rights and Responsibilities

external image canada_day02a.jpg

Are you a good Canadian citizen? quiz video

Naheed Nenshi is the mayor of Calgary. His parents immigrated to Canada from Tanzania. Tanzania is in Africa. Listen to what he says about what it means to be Canadian: Listen to Naheed Nenshi

external image interview.gifexternal image cbc-radio.png

The Canadian government made the citizenship test more difficult in 2010. Also, in 2012, the Canadian government added a language requirement for adults who want to become citizens. Now people who want to become Canadian citizens must prove they have a language benchmark of 4 for speaking and listening. Listen to a CBC interview about the new rules becoming a Canadian citizen. CBC radio interview

external image Canada-Holidays-List-2013.jpg

Week 7-------Canadian Holidays--------

Canadian Festivals

Fall Festivals

external image thanksgiving2.jpg

external image halloween_photos.jpg

Public holidays are also called "statutory holidays". This is a paid holiday for workers. If you work on a statutory holiday, then you be paid time and a half. If you make $10/hour, you will be paid $15/hour if you work on this day.

2013 statutory holidays in Canada

Week 9------------------- Short Term Goals and Long Term Goals

external image shutterstock_60882343.jpg

Do you want to open your own business?


external image cr_01.jpg

Week 10 and 11 ----------Work--------

Abdul, Gaspa, Marta, and Samantha's Stories 1


listen and read

1. How to read a work schedule

2. More work schedules


Job Profiles

Jobs (occupations)

dishwasherhousekeeperhome support workerfarmeroffice workerblacksmith

Fill out a time sheet A bad bossI am a babysitter

Find a job

How to Roast a Turkey

external image RoastTurkey.jpg

Turkey Recipe Watch a video

external image header_image_time.png

Election brochure

Where can I vote?

Meet the candidates

=Week 12 and 13 ----Getting Paid--------external image paycheck1.jpg?itok=t_NqkVTc

external image pay-check.jpg


Watch the funny commercial

Reading a paycheque

Amir Gets his Paycheque

Week 14----Saving for Retirementexternal image c_4_27_2_1_eng.png?20121002200013549

external image 6694563.jpg

external image chart_graph.jpg

Video - How to Save for Retirement

Video - How much money will I need after I retire?

RRSP calculator

Week 15 and 16 -------Don 't be Scammed!

external image Dont-Get-Scammed-More-Than-Once.jpgexternal image Stolen_Credit_Card_Pic.jpgexternal image id-theft-chart.jpg

external image Ways-of-Identity-Theft.sflb.ashxexternal image common-forms-of-identity-theft.gif

Video: Rental fraud

Video: Identity Theft Video: Identity Theft 2

Video: Email Scams Video: email scams 2

National Do Not Call List

Level 1 and 2 (old)
external image 2740588108_31f439f5dc_o.jpg
external image p2cityaerial1980.jpg
external image SuperStock_1990-12194.jpg
external image fire-on-the-eastern-front-c2a9-christopher-martin-2687.jpg


The Alphabet Aa Bb Cc

Read and Learn the sounds of English Read and Listen

The Sounds of English
Let's Be Pals They All Can Picture Match b d p
Syllable Game

Electric Company
Numbers and Math
1 - one 2 - two Candy Machine Pop Bubbles Add one to ten Bowling subtract one to ten

Listen and Read
one two three four FIve

Listen and click on the word

Front Page Daily News

Mixed Activities

Remembrance Day: November 11

1. Remembrance Day 2. Remembrance Day 3. Remembrance Day

In Flanders Fields

Phase I

Practice your reading
Artists Music Poetry

Fiction and Non-Fiction Comics Folk Tales Chinese Folk Tales

The Sounds of English

The Hula Pool Syllable Game

Prepositions in/at/on

Sounds of English

Electric Company

Remembrance Day: November 11

On Remembrance Day, Canadians wear a poppy to show that they remember Canadian soldiers

1. Remembrance Day 2. Remembrance Day 3. Remembrance Day

In Flanders Fields

Level 4 (old)
Writing a Paragraph
external image organization_paragraph.gif

Practice 1

Writing an Essay

external image 859500_orig.png?1

How to write an essay

From thesis statement to topic sentence

Transition words - "gluing" your ideas together

external image Wildlife+Transition+Words.jpg

Every transition

Linking words: video video video Try this activity (click on "making connections"): Using transitions Activity 2 Activity 3

Practice your punctuation:

external image punctuation+marks.JPG

!Does this sentence; (look) "good" to you?
If you answered "yes", you need to practice your punctuation! Punctuation

Parts of Speech

external image parts_of_speech.jpg

What is a noun? What is a verb?
Parts of Speech

Websites for more practice:

BBC Learning English

Skills Wise

Randall's Cyber Listening Lab

ESL Games

Dictation 1 Dictation 2 Dictation 3 Dictation 4


Elementary: A BC

Intermediate: A B C

Dictionary Skills

BitesizeMelvin and StevenDictionary Quiz

A great DICTIONARY Another great dictionary

Online Picture Dictionary


external image la_phonics.gif

Practice grammar with the University of Victoria ESL Study Zone Study Zone

Homepage (old)

Welcome students!

Find your class on the right side
of the page and click

Columbia College Day Care
Register your child now :
Register your child

Stay in School
external image 6338-nyc-stay-in-school-part-3-we-are-new-york-practice.jpg


Calendar Practice ABCDE

1st - first

2nd - second

3rd - third

10th - tenth

18th - eighteenth

external image Calendar_0.jpg
January 7th, 2013

external image calgary-public-library-logo.jpg

Take a tour in your language
Settlement Services

Do you have a pre-schooler?

Crossword Puzzles

Puzzle 1 Puzzle 2

Crossword Puzzles
Crossword Puzzles


external image pugg-wall-clock__13080_PE040801_S4.jpg
What time is it? 1 What time is it? 2
Hip Hop Around the Clock

Stop the clock 1Stop the clock 2

Willie the Watchdog

Rock Around the Clock

external image swingdance1.jpg

Class Topics

Computers for Beginners

computer basics

external image hw01.gif

Canadian Money

external image Money%20Affilate.jpg

Some people say that Canadian money is very beautiful because it is colourful and has pictures of interesting things on it.
Pictures on Canadian Money:
The toonie has a polar bear on it: Polar Bear It is worth $2.00.
The loonie has a loon on it: Loon It is worth $1.00.
The quarter has a caribou on it: Caribou It is worth $0.25.
The dime has a ship on it: The Blue Nose Schooner It is worth $0.10.
The nickel has a beaver on it: Beaver It is worth $0.05.
The pennyhas a maple leaf on it: Maple leaf It is worth $0.01.

All Canadian coins have a picture Queen Elizabeth:
Young woman

Practice: 1. Making Change 2. Making change (harder)Making change (hardest)

Columbia College International Day

external image wrld_flgs1.jpg


Mr. Bean goes Back to School


Home Support WorkerOffice Worker

Work Videos

Listen and Read about students who found jobs Nancy, Rohan, Evelyn, and Mary

Job Applications
Practice filling out an application

Problems at Work 1 Problems at Work 2

General Practice

The Sounds Of English
Syllable PracticeVIDEO: What are syllables?
1. ABC
2. Learn to Read
3. Sounds of English

external image colorful-music-notes-cutout.jpg

external image syllables.png
Row, row, row your boat

Memory Match

School ASchool BFamily and Feelings

Make a Match Make a Match words and pictures

The Alphabet

Aa Bb Cc Dd Ee Ff Gg Hh Ii Jj Kk Ll Mm Nn Oo Pp Qq Rr Ss Tt Uu Vv Ww Xx Yy Zz

The Alphabet Song
Learn the Alphabet

Write the letters Type the letters The Alphabet (lower case) The Alphabet (upper case) Paw Park (upper/lower case letters) Mixed Up Alphabet

Paw Park (matching first sounds)

SNAP! Phonics Word Builder

Numeracy Games

Alphabetical Order

Game 1Game 2Game 3Alphabet TrainMissing Letters Bembo's Zoo


Words 1Words 2

Words 3 BBC CVC make words

Spin and Spell

Alien Scavenger Hunt (spelling)
Monkey Business (make sentences)

Words that rhyme
Listen and write the missing word

stop MOP top HOP pop TOP


Reading with pictures

1 Listen and read 2 Listen and Read

Listen and Click on the Word

Various Levels Visit the Art Gallery Three Little Plays Chinese Fables


Numbers 1-10 Game

external image thats_a_fact.JPG


Math Activities
That's a Fact!

Multiplication Table twothreefourfivesixseveneightnineteneleventwelvemixed practice

Add + Level 1
Subract - Level 1

Multipliply X Level 1
Divide / Level 1

Reading Practice

Listen and Read 1

Listen and Read 2

Mixed Reading Activities

Sounds of English

Electric Company Syllable Game


1. Where should your hands and fingers be?

2. Where should your fingers be?

3. Typing Tutorials

Super Hyper Spider Typer

How do you spell...?

Spelling Practice